Jennings’ lawyers hired Joseph Slemko, a 30-year Canadian police officer and longtime bloodstain pattern analyst. Slemko examined the crime-scene photos and concluded that the blood patterns did not indicate that Jennings had killed his wife.....

Joe Slemko, who has spent 25 years doing blood spatter analysis, described the failure to protect the scene from rain as "negligent."

Slemko was more "credible and reliable" than either Nash or Renken, the judge wrote.

“This is clearly a suicide,” said Joseph Slemko, a 31-year police officer from Canada, who also works as a blood spatter consultant. He took his first course 23 years ago and has taken 31 more since.

Slemko, a world-recognized expert in blood-spatter analysis, provided evidence Christie says was instrumental in winning his freedom after spending 3 1/2 years in an Australian prison, wrongfully accused of his former wife's murder.