"True expert opinion is neutral. It is not invested in one side of the case or another; rather, its aim is to ensure impartial and unbiased opinion based upon a foundation of proven evidence. A true expert, such as Joe Slemko, gives due consideration to other possibilities, even if it means discounting his or her own views."
"Wolf in Sheep's clothing - Advocates as Experts"
Mr. David G. Chow
Criminal Defence Lawyers Assoc. (Calgary)


"We had very positive feedback about the conference from those who attended and many considered your presentation one of the highlights. Your passion generally, your passion for integrity specifically, were greatly appreciated by all."

Trial Lawyers of British Columbia and the Innocence Project of the University of BC

Developments in Forensics and Eye Witness ID: Lessons Learned from Wrongful Convictions

May 11, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 


"I just wanted to say how pleased I was that you spoke at the ANZFSS conference, you are such an inspiration for future scientists and investigators.
I have worked as a forensic scientist since 2003 and sometimes I encounter other scientists wondering about what to do when they have signed policy documents with their employers that are in conflict with good scientific practice or with the code of conduct for expert witnesses.
There is a very strong tendency for people to 'do as they are told' when instructed by a company or higher authority and their company-imposed loyalty can distort their view of what the right thing is to do.
Your talk really helped to make me feel better about standing up for what I believe, even when its only me who's on my side.
Australia  and New Zealand Forensic Sciences Symposium, Hobart, Tasmania, 2012


"Each year, my very good friend, Joe Slemko, a world class blood spatter expert, teaches one of my classes. The medium here is as important as the message. Students see and hear criminal justice issues from the police perspective. They leave realizing the bigger picture and that to do right, to do justice it takes dedication and effort from all actors in the system."

Mr. Bob Aloniessi Q.C.

University of Alberta Law School

Beresh Cunningham Aloneissi O'Neill and Hurley Barristers


"Here in Canada, a poster boy for this phenomenon is Edmonton's blood-spatter expert Joe Slemko, who has testified as a forensic expert in defence of several criminal defendants.
Most recently, Slemko testified at a B.C. coroner's inquest into the death of a suspect shot while in RCMP custody. As reported by Adrian Humphreys in Saturday's Post, Slemko's willingness to stand up for defendants has earned him two reprimands for insubordination. His boss has banned him from providing testimony to criminal defendants."

'The reason that innocents get prosecuted'
Jonathan Kay
National Post (Canada)
July 27, 2007


"Slemko's scathing analysis of police failings that led to injustices - tunnel vision, noble cause corruption, agency loyalty, lack of peer review and inadequate training - was a highlight of the conference."

Paul Murray - The West Australian - March 14, 2012
The International Justice Conference, Perth, West Australia


"We are grateful for all of your assistance in this case"
State of Michigan vs. Reginald Burks


"I learned something more important from studying under you, and that's what it takes to do the right thing when there is extreme disincentive to doing so. That's something that will benefit me regardless of what field I end up pursuing. Too many people get complacent because going against the grain means risking their job security, pension, opportunities for advancement, standing among their colleagues, etc. and I never want to be that kind of person. It's good to have role models to provide a frame of reference outside of field exposure that may be a negative influence."

Former University Student

"The decision to consult Joseph Slemko had paid dividends.............."
"The Murder of Billie-Jo"
By: Sion Jenkins and Bob Woffinden

"Mr. Slemko has, since 2002, provided careful, detailed and balanced opinions on this area of evidence."
United Kingdom

"I appreciate your efforts in this case and more broadly I appreciate your efforts to inject some scientific rigor into your area of expertise"

"His sharp and detailed report is of immense value to (our police agency)"
South East Asia

"Thank you very much for your considerable assistance in this matter. I believe that your report, particularly with respect to the police forensic results concerning the tie, was instrumental in the State deciding not to lead the tie luminol evidence. Your evidence would have been pivotal along with the other forensic evidence that we would have called."

"In my opinion, your input so far has been beyond price. It has opened everyone's eyes to another way of looking at the evidence."

"Slemko's evidence was provided in a professional and extremely competent manner.

The evidence was presented in an objective and professional way.

In future, I would consider using Slemko's expertise in an appropriate case."



"Your testimony was great......I appreciate all your work and professionalism"