Significant Cases:


Brad Jennings vs. The State of Missouri - Wrongful Conviction Overturned

Blood Spatter Expert says Lisa's Death "Clearly a Suicide"

Brad Jennings No Longer Convicted


R. v. Sawyer Robison

CBC News


The Death of Nara Pech

Global News


The Undetermined Death of Jessie Garwood - Winnipeg, Manitoba

CBC - YouTube video


Ian Bush Case


Reginald Burks
Murder Trial
Acquitted: January, 2011
Detroit, MI

Rory Christie
Wrongful Conviction
Acquitted: November 30, 2005
Perth, Australia

News Article

Sion Jenkins
Wrongful Conviction
Acquitted: February 9, 2006
London, England

BBC News Article


Andrew Mallard
Wrongful Conviction
Acquitted: February 20, 2006
West Australia