Education and Resource Sites for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis:


BackTrack - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with Computers (free software trial)


Blood Spatter Animation
Source: National Institute of Justice, 2005.
Animations of: Surface tension, droplet cohesion, droplet displacement and impact angle.


ESR Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Resource and Learning Centre

"The latest BPS resources including a video library and a bloodstain pattern collection".


HemoSpat - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Software


High Speed Videos of Blood in Motion (MFRC)


SWGSTAIN (Scientific Working Group for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis)

SWGSTAIN - Resources Page and Recommended Terminology

University of Dundee
Bloodspatter PowerPoint Presentation & Notes


Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia - Blood Pattern Analysis at Crime Scenes


Consultants/Instructors for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Other Forensic Disciplines:


BPA Consulting - Norman Reeves

Bevel, Gardner and Associates

Forensic Consultants and Associates - Paul Erwin Kish


Noedel Scientific - Shooting Reconstruction


Alan Voth Forensic Consulting - Firearms, Toolmarks and Gunshot Residue


Creative Forensics - Forensic Audio and Video Analysis

Forensic Science Associations:


Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction


Canadian Identification Society

Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences


International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

International Association for Identification

International Association of Crime Analysts

International Crime Scene Investigators Association


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The Crime Scene Investigator Network

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