The Montana Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers & The Office of the State Public Defender Seminar

'Understanding Forensic Science Evidence in Criminal Cases'
Billings, Montana

September 9, 2016


Iowa Public Defender's Conference

Des Moines, Iowa

June 19,2015


Real-life CSI takes his audience behind the scenes of an investigation

Expert warns Faculty of Law students about dangers of bias

University of Calgary Law School
February 3, 2015 - Calgary, AB



"I am still getting daily praise for your presentation!  Monday night a Detective from Conroe PD approached me and apologized for missing your presentation because he was in trial and raved about the feedback he got from the other CPD folks.  The District Attorney texted me last night to tell me they had a meeting yesterday where all the prosecutors and investigators talked with the others that couldn’t attend and they wished it was at least a ½ day presentation. I cannot thank you enough for what you did….  I hope that as many people approached you that have approached me because you have made a difference in so many people’s lives – just by telling your story!"

'Emotional Health for the Crime Scene Investigator'

Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction Annual Training Conference

February 11, 2014 - Montgomery, Texas, US


National Judicial Institute

"The NJI offers dynamic judicial education for federal, provincial and territorial judges"
'Science Seminar' Faculty Member/Invited Presenter

Bad Science: How to Spot it and How to Handle it - 'Bias in Scientific Evidence'

February 5, 2014 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"We had very positive feedback about the conference from those who attended and many considered your presentation one of the highlights. Your passion generally, your passion for integrity specifically, were greatly appreciated by all."

Trial Lawyers of British Columbia and the Innocence Project of the University of BC

Developments in Forensics and Eye Witness ID: Lessons Learned from Wrongful Convictions

May 10, 11, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Conference brochure here .pdf


"Slemko's scathing analysis of police failings that led to injustices - tunnel vision, noble cause corruption, agency loyalty, lack of peer review and inadequate training - was a highlight of the conference."

Paul Murray - The West Australian - March 14, 2012
The International Justice Conference, Perth, West Australia


Edmonton Opera - Fidelio Panel Discussion: Wrongful Imprisonment

Edmonton, Alberta
April 11, 2012


"I just wanted to say how pleased I was that you spoke at the ANZFSS conference, you are such an inspiration for future scientists and investigators.
I have worked as a forensic scientist since 2003 and sometimes I encounter other scientists wondering about what to do when they have signed policy documents with their employers that are in conflict with good scientific practice or with the code of conduct for expert witnesses.
There is a very strong tendency for people to "do as they are told" when instructed by a company or higher authority and their company-imposed loyalty can distort their view of what the right thing is to do.
Your talk really helped to make me feel better about standing up for what I believe, even when its only me who's on my side.
21st International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences - Australia and New Zealand Forensic Sciences Society

Invited International Speaker

Hobart, Tasmania
September 23-27, 2012


International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts Annual Training Conference
"Emotional Survival for Bloodstain Pattern Analysts"

Tucson, Arizona

October 2-5, 2012