Test your Skills as a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst!
Copy the photos to your desktop and enlarge and adjust the contrast and brightness if required.
As a bloodstain pattern analyst you have been called to the following scene by the police investigator.
The police were called to the following scene when the apartment caretaker found the the following blood patterns in the building and within suite 203.  The resident in suite 203 cannot be located and it is not known who the victim is or what the person's injuries might be.

You are asked by the investigating officer:
Can you tell me what happened?
Where was the victim initially attacked?
What was the victim's position during the attack?
What type of force created the bloodstains?
Where/what do you think his injuries might be?
This is an actual case and circumstances!


The first photograph is going up to the second floor from the apartment entrance foyer.
You then turn right and pass the next photo.

You continue up the stairs and enter into the second floor hallway at the door marked "Exit". You then turn to the right and walk towards suite 203, passing bloodstains on the door and frame to suite 201


You then make a left turn to suite 203.


There are bloodstains on the wall across from the entrance door to suite 203.


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